Fola Alade

Global Mediator and Legal Counsel

A distinguished Commercial Lawyer, Notary Public, and Mediator based in Lagos, Nigeria. With extensive expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, renowned for his role in managing stakeholders and business clients through the use of mediation, Fola Alade holds a prominent position as a Global Mediator with the United Nations. He serves on several company boards as Legal Counsel and Mediator and is the Principal Partner at FOTEFA Partners LP (Mediators & Mediation Advocates), a reputable legal

Fola Alade’s passion for knowledge and scholarly pursuits is evident through his extensive certifications and training repertoire. He is a Fellow of the World Mediation Organization (WMO) and the ADR Society of Nigeria. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Dispute Resolution Board with the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). Fola’s expertise extends to various prestigious roles as a mediator, including being part of the Global Mediation Panel at the Office of the Ombudsman for the United Nations.

Fola Alade has an impressive track record as a mediator, having served in various Nigerian courts, including the Court of Appeal in Abuja and Lagos, the Federal High Court (FHC), Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC), and Edo State Multi-Door Courthouse (EMDC). He is also associated with the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC).

Fola Alade’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his numerous certifications, including being a trained negotiator from the Lagos Business School (LBS), a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, and a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. He holds the International Award in Delivering Training (IADT) from the London Professional Training Centre in the UK.

Fola Alade is the Founder of the FOTEFA Mediation Academy and the Chief Executive Officer of FOTEFA Cosmopolitan Limited. He has served as the Former Executive Director of the Incorporated Trustees of Attorney-Mediators Association (ATMA) and is a Partner Member of the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group International (NCMG). Fola is also a Consultant and Training Facilitator for the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA Nigeria) and a Co-Founding Partner & Senior Consultant at Betaworka Cosmopolitan Partners Limited.

Fola Alade actively imparts legal enlightenment and shares his profound insights on mediation through his influential presence on social media platforms. He has gained recognition for his exceptional facilitation skills, conducting numerous local and international training sessions on Negotiation, Mediation Advocacy, Workplace Conflict, Dispute Resolution, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence.

Fola Alade’s expertise and thought leadership have been featured in various articles published across several cities in Nigeria. His contributions to the field of mediation and dispute resolution have made a significant impact on the legal community and beyond.

Fola Alade is happily married to Teju Fola-Alade, a renowned and leading HR Practitioner and Entrepreneur in Nigeria. They are blessed with two children and reside in Lagos, Nigeria.

Fola Alade’s illustrious career as a global mediator, legal counsel, and facilitator has earned him respect and recognition in Nigeria and internationally. And with a passion for lifelong learning and a commitment to imparting knowledge, he continues to play a vital role in promoting mediation and resolving conflicts in the business world and beyond.